Ministry Staff:

Michael Hockett - Lead Pastor

Stephan Fritsch - Youth/Missional

Korey Sutton - Middle School

Jonathan Kenney - Worship Arts

Marianne Wilkes - Children

Cathey Cone - Executive Assistant

Kathryn Bonnett - Administrative Assistant

Julie Reid - Comptroller

Bethany Edmonds - Custodian


Leadership Board: 

Michael Hockett - Board Chair

Eric Whitley - Presiding Officer

Wade Griffith - Treasurer

Nancy Jones

Paige McReynolds

Lynn Huffman

Greg Nelson

Jacob Murphy

Pris Thompson

Mark Parcher

Volunteer Ministry Leaders:

Bruce Nelson, Life Groups and Adult Ministries Director

Kim Kelly, Women's Ministries Director

Jake Murphy, Men's Ministries Director

Jesse Wise, Cafe7 & Ushers Director

Leslie Hockett, Outdoor Greeting Team Director

Kathleen Griffith, Indoor Greeting Team Director

Doug Sadler, Sanctuary Connections Team Director   

Korey Sutton, (Erika Sutton), Jr. High Director

Keith Cone & Jesse Wise, Trail Life Troop Masters

Larry Templeton, New Hope Resources Coordinator

Diana Cromer, City Gate Coordinator

Adrienne Parcher, Bite 2 Go Coordinator

Leslie Hockett, Orphan Care Team Coordinator

Laura Wright – Children's Department Room and Supplies Coordinator

Kimi Hansen – Children's Department Sunday School Resources Coordinator

Jeff Whjte – Worship Sound Coordinator

Adrienne Parcher – Worship Media Coordinator


Timberview Church

15511 N. Howe

Mead, WA  99021