timberview Kids team Volunteers

Are you looking for a way to get involved in the Timberview Kids program? We would LOVE to have your help.  Scroll down for the many ways you can sign up.

Sunday School Teachers, Nursery Caregivers, Parent Helpers

BACKGROUND CHECK: ALL Timberview Kids Volunteers need to complete a background check every two years. If you have not previously completed one or need to renew, please do so HERE.

Parent Helpers sign up HERE.

Children's Ministry Opportunites

We can always use YOUR help in our Kids Department. We would love to have service-hearted individuals to help our Room & Supplies Coordinator keep our rooms neat and well-stocked; and other assistants to help our Sunday School Resource Coordinator prepare engaging materials for our precious Timberview kids.  These positions can be filled with a spare hour or two during the week. We're also looking for Subtitute Teachers and Greeters for Sunday mornings when our scheduled teachers and greeters aren't available.  You can get more information for these roles by signing up HERE.