At the Core

At the Core is a non-profit organization that began at Timberview. They coordinate with area churches and schools to supply meals for low income children to carry them through the weekends and summers when they might not have food at home. They partner with Second Harvest Food Bank, which helps to sponsor the food items necessary to feed hundreds of children. 

If you wish to help At the Core and 2nd Harvest feed needy school kids over weekends, you can do so by clicking here to access that link. You can also attend a BIG BUILD EVENT . Start your new year by helping others. Join us at the Big Build Event on Saturday, January 28th. You can sign up HERE. Ages 9 and up can participate in packing food kits. Donation of $10/person, $30/family goes toward a T-shirt and food after your shift. Four volunteer shifts available: 8:30-10am, 10-11:30am, 12:30-2pm or 2-3:30pm. 


On January 4th, 2014 At the Core sponsored "The Big Build" - an event to raise awareness and funds, as well as assemble a huge number of food packs for upcoming months. The following article was featured on the front page of the Northwest section of the Spokesman Review on Sunday, Jan. 5. Click here to view the article.  You can learn more about At the Core HERE.

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