Adult Education

Covid Q&A, Sunday, January 17th, 3pm at Timberview

Hosted by Gary Dean. Are you concerned about Covid-19 based on something you read on social media or heard from a neighbor? Come to an open discussion about the virus, social reaction, terminology and statistics. This is about your questions, no agenda is set. Questions can be about the severity of the virus, to get the vaccine or not, how immunity works, will dna vaccines change who I am, exposure and treatment, isolation and depression. Don't come to argue, be prepared to learn and share. Content should be appropriate for ages high school and up.

Gary Dean is a registered nurse with background in ICU, several years working in infection control and currently working to monitor WA state, NIH, CDC and other regulatory agencies guidelines as we are monitoring the technology behind the new vaccines, providing informational release and I'm part of a multi disciplinary committee to set policy and write procedures for hospital, assisted living and community.  

Women's Bible Study on Hebrews; 

Zoom study starts Saturday, January 23rd, 9am; 

In person at Timberview starts Sunday, January 24th, 8:45am

Hosted by Julie Reid, using the book "Better" by Jen Wilkins.

This 10 week Bible Study will also have a video series. 

Those will be streamed via Zoom on Sunday evenings for both Zoom and in-person attendees. 

Please RSVP to Julie by email here.


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