Pastor Kenji

Kenji Nitta grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a non-Christian home. Through high school, he was a practicing Zen Buddhist and atheist.  He found Jesus in his early twenties and was discipled at Timberview  Christian Fellowship.  Shortly after, he was sent from Timberview to plant churches. 

His first church plant was in the Tri-Cities.  His second church plant was in the Chief Gary Park neighborhood.  During these plants, Kenji worked bi-vocationally and started a family.  He has now been married to his wife, Michelle, for almost 20 years.  Together they have four daughters.

Eventually, Pastor Kenji moved to Boise, ID to do societal work.  He then took a church in Ontario, OR and pastored there for five years before being appointed to a Free Methodist church in central California.  Thus, he is not only returning to his church home, but also his hometown.

Pastor Kenji holds an undergraduate from George Fox University in Social and Behavioral Studies.  His graduate degree is in Theology and Leadership from Gonzaga University.  His primary spiritual gifts are in preaching, evangelism, and leadership.