Trail Life USA

Trail Life is now at Timberview! Trail Life is for young men, Kindergarten through Grade 12. Fathers are welcome.  Follow us on our FACEBOOK PAGE. See below for scheduled meetings and events.  More information about Trail Life can be found at the Trail Life USA website.  For more information on our troop, contanct Stephan Fritsch through the Timberview office (468-4363).  You may also read Trail life, Honoring the Legacy, Raising the Standard.

Trail Life Leadership

Charter Rep - Stephan Fritsch        Board Chair - Brian Dollar

Chaplain - Gary Reid                        Secretary - Rebekah Measor

Troop Master - Richard Javorek      Board Member - Brian Wheeler

Asst. Troop Master/Treasurer - Jesse Wise     

Scroll down for information on American Heritage Girls.

Trail life calendar

Trail Life dues can be paid online via the Church Center app HERE.

Trail Life meets on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesdays of the month, 6:30-8pm usually at Timberview

No meetings December 22 - January 19.

American Heritage Girls

Our Trail LIfe troop has done so well, we're bringing American Heritage Girls to our mothers and daughters.  You can find out more about AHG at their website HERE.

Due to the covid pandemic and some leadership changes, AHG is taking a sabbatical year.  They  hope to resume in Fall of 2021.

If you'd be interested, please contact Renee Wise, Charter Rep or Cari Rodgers, Troop Coordinator, for more information.